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With nearly 20 years of experience, we are able to provide international quality ...


What do we do for nature and for you ?

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Plants collected by conventional methods to obtain the healing essence of plants are processed with high technology and ready to use for you.

We Respect Nature

We supply vegetable raw materials from our own farms and local producers. We train small producers and think how we can be more respectful of nature. We do not try our products on other living things and do not use paraben.

For the best

We trust in nature and ourselves. Our production is inspected according to international quality and standards. Our R & D work, tens of thousands of unremitting diversity continues to contribute to nature and humanity in Turkey has a rich flora.

Meet Our Brands

We can meet your different needs with different and strong brands

Awe Cemre
Awe Cemre Herbal Products
For herbal food supplements, natural care products and more
Awe Laboratories
Awe Laboratories Essential Oils
Vegetable stationary and essential oils and natural cosmetics
Flamori Herbal Products
Herbal teas, natural care products and sunscreens
Nivalis Herbal Products
Herbal food supplements, natural vegetable fixed and essential oils


What can we do for you ?

Unique herbal raw materials
Tens of thousands of endemic plants grow in the region where you select the most valuable for you.
Herbal Nutritional Supplements
Plants obtained in a traditional manner and respectful to nature are converted into medicinal nutritional supplements. Contact us for more information.
Essential Oils
Write to us for essential oils commonly used in classical medicine applications such as aromatherapy, homeopathy and ayurveda. The healing power of nature is hidden in the healing essence.
Herbal Cosmetics
With 20 years of experience, we produce healing and care products. Feel free to contact us for herbal shampoos, aromatherapy care oils, natural creams and more.

Our Work

You can have a quick look at our products. Visit for more information.


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