People’s interest in nature throughout the ages, health and treatment as a remedy to the plants are now known from the ancient works and inscriptions. The understanding of the use of plants as support for health and treatment has been based on solid foundations with many scientific studies, which have evolved with the la return to nature del trend for years and which provide evidence of the effect of plants in recent times and reveal the main active substances with precise figures.

Today, the place of herbal products in human health is indisputable; It is accepted that it provides an auxiliary and complementary support to the treatment and health protocols we are using.

In practice, plant products can regulate the health balance in the right direction by affecting the natural defense metabolism with a soft and deep effect; The plants recommended and used with the guidance of experts can support the health problems of today.

SNS Food-Cosmetics, TUBITAK, develop joint projects with universities and R & D organizations, Turkey is providing a significant contribution to build the scientific infrastructure of rich herbal value. New communication paths are being developed in the scientific platform for sharing scientific data and expertise. A significant portion of the herbal products offered to the consumer is obtained from the cultivation areas of Sns Gıda-Kozmetik. In these areas, the most beneficial conditions are created for the plants, the best soil, the ideal collection date, the most useful climatic conditions and solar conditions are evaluated and the plants obtained are converted into products by providing health assurance after rigorous systematic checks.

Combining its international quality approach with ISO 9001 and IAF HACCP certificates, Sns Gıda-Kozmetik aims to provide the consumer with perfection with the brands under which all production processes are assured.

Our company, which was established in 2003 in Tokat, continues its production activities in an area of ​​11.000 m2 with 6.000 m2 closed area.